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If you get the urge to take up rowing you can check out some of the local Bay Area boat clubs.

Ocean Rowing

A Pacific Ocean rowing race from Monterey to Hawaii is planned for 2014 - see details on New Ocean Wave.

In April 2009, the Boat Race Dinner speaker was Roz Savage. She is the only woman to have rowed solo across 3 oceans - the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.

Roz writes a blog and authored "Rowing the Atlantic" about her first trans-oceanic expedition. 

Sarah Outen is another Oxonian  - the first woman to row the Indian Ocean. She is kayaking, biking and rowing in an attempt to be the first person to go round the world under their own power.

In 2009, Chris Martin and Mike Dawson rowed from Japan to San Francisco.  They arrived at the Golden Gate Yacht Club in their boat Bojangles on Friday 13th November 2009.  See their news and photos on and their movie Rowing the Pacific.

Bojangles at the Golden Gate Yacht Club